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Why reinvent the wheel? I have found a method for easy app development for Android and iOS. We know how fantastic WordPress is for managing content with Post Types, Categories and Tags this makes content creation is a breeze. However, If you want to dive into the world of App Development to bring your content to the world of Android and iOS is a whole different matter for the WordPress, site owner. You go out and download Android Studio install it, and think to yourself this is not Php. What is this Java crap, I have a cup of java setting right here on my desk? And oh my god XML and all this importing library’s stuff. My client just wants his content as an Android and iOS app.

Here comes what I call a middleman solution. Now some of these solutions come with a very hefty monthly fee like Mobiloud see (mobiloud.com) that need to charge you $99 – $199 a month for the use of the system. So I started looking in methods like Web2App from Codecanyon (https://codecanyon.net/item/web2app-quickest-featurerich-android-webview/8980493 ). Now, this method is not as convenient as the others, but the price is right $19 for the setup, and they have an iOS version out. So that’s what around $40 for both. The learning curve going to be higher because you still need to deal with Android Studio but you in more control.



Post Author: Lonnie Ray