Respect the Office held by the President

Thank about this the next time you are pulled over by a cop and get a ticket. Why did you pull over in the first place? I cannot talk for anyone else; but me, You see the only reason I pulled over and submitted is that I understood that if I did not pull over, I am most likely going to be on the news in a police chase. Now, after I did or did not get a ticket, I still did not like the fact that I had to, and I may of not really liked the cop as a person. But you know what? I RESPECTED THE OFFICE THAT COP HELD.

Take into point, I am deeply upset and saddened that our elected officials are boycotting Mr. Trump’s inauguration that will make him the 45th President of the United States. Did anyone just catch the above statement? Let me repeat; “45th President of the United States” that’s “United States”. Which now because of the actions of some of our elected officials makes the term “United States” an oxymoron.

The elected officials that are boycotting, need to be reminded that the ONLY reason they are in office is to UPHOLD our LAWS, VALUES, and INTERESTS. Is this boycott upholding the LAWS, VALUES, and INTERESTS of our country? That is a question you must answer for yourself. I don’t like Mr. Trump, but until REAL evidence comes to light and a court says otherwise he is soon to be President of the United States, however, I DO RESPECT THE OFFICE. And any elected official who does not… does not need to be in office.

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Post Author: Lonnie Ray